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    History of honey in the Canary Islands.
    Honey has qualities recognized and used by humans since ancient times, as a type of food and to sweeten food twice more than with sugarcane.
    We know there are several varieties of honey and each one of them depending on the flower used as the source of nectar and the type of bee that produces it. However, to be aware of this fact, in the first instance the honey had to be collected for the human being and later on would the domestication of bees take place with the specific aim of obtaining honey, a technique now named apiculture or beekeeping.
    Beekeeping by the Canarian farmers goes back more than 500 years ago and consisted in small-sized apiaries. They were using home methods to make their honey. It was not before the end of the Spanish conquest in the Canary Islands that beekeeping became a well-documented farm activity, described in a series of official documents.
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